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What To Do With Trash Too Big for Your Bin.

  •     Use of several Hillsborough County Solid Waste facilities where residents can dispose of many types of waste that aren’t allowed in, or are too large for, the regular trash or recyclables cart:

o   Household Hazardous Waste

o   Paint & Electronics

o   Appliances and Bulky Items

o   Yard & Wood Waste

o   General Household trash

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Trash Service added to Property Tax Bill

Residents in New Tampa communities receive service for trash, recycling, and yard waste through Hillsborough County, assessed as an annual non-ad valorem fee on property tax bills. Solid waste services <>  provided for Hillsborough County’s residential customers as part of the annual fee include:

*       Curbside trash collection, twice a week

*       Curbside recycling collection, once a week

*       Curbside yard waste collection, once a week

New Tampa Neighborhood, Civic, Homeowner Associations, Crime Watch Programs, and Special Taxing Districts may also be eligible for Community Clean-up Grants These grants can be used for projects that will beautify their area and provide residents an opportunity to dispose of large household items not eligible for normal trash pick-up.

Detailed information on solid waste services and collection schedules are available at .

Jo-Ann Pilawski, LCAM

Pilawski Property Mgmt. Inc.